Why Ear Buds Are the Best Option When Working Out


Music can be a powerful tool while exercising. Our favorite tunes can pump us up and give us the energy to keep going, even when all we want to do is quit. That said, it can be tough to push through the hardest workouts, especially with the added discomfort of sweat pooling around our ears do the headphone cups. Rather than rely on traditional headphones, use ear buds while working out. There are a number of reasons they make the best audio gear for working out.


Ear buds come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Because everyone has differently shaped ear canals, finding the right pair of ear buds can be essential. The right pair will fit snugly and not fall out at every given chance, which is important when you’re pounding down the street on a run or struggling to beat your PR on the bench. In addition, ear buds don’t promote sweating around the ear the same way headphones do.

Sound Quality

Because ear buds fit deeper into the ear, the sound quality tends to be much better. You’ll be able to hear the music rather than the grunts and groans of other gym patrons, or the constant sound of your feet slapping against the ground as you run. You don’t want to hear distorted and garbled music while working out, especially not when you need the energy the music provides to perform at your best.



Ear buds come in a number of different styles that look great and feel great. Whether they have hooks to hold them in or not, you can find a variety of different styles to fit your needs. Those with hooks may be better if you’re performing a very kinetic exercise in which normal ear buds may come out easily.


Most importantly, ear buds are relatively inexpensive. Why put a pair of studio-quality headphones at risk in the gym when a pair of ear buds can serve the same purpose? Audio equipment is at high risk during workouts. Whether you sweat and short circuit the smaller components of the device, or it accidentally becomes a resting point for a heavy barbell, it’s better to use something you won’t be too upset to damage midway through the workout.

Ear buds offer advantages that headphones simply can’t live up to. Their ease of use and comfort aside, the sound quality of newer ear buds is worlds above what the older models could offer. They’re perfect for those intense workouts, when you need the rumbling tones of a hard rock anthem to push through that final set of squats.