Why Air Conditioning Repair Should Be Done by A Professional

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Air conditioning systems generally provide years of trouble free service, but systems can breakdown or lose efficiency over time. Though a homeowner may be tempted to try to work on his or her own air conditioning system, this is not a good idea for a number of reasons.

Repair Time

AC repair professionals have the training and equipment to diagnose the cause of system problems. In most cases, the problem will be obvious to a trained technician. However, even if the problem is not obvious, the technician will be able to quickly determine what is wrong. Without the proper training, a repair of an AC system would have to be done by trial and error, which could take a significant amount of time due to the complexity of modern air conditioning systems. AC repair professionals also have the specialized tools that are needed to quickly and properly make repairs in a timely manner.

Electric Hazard

Air conditioning systems are hard wired to high voltage supplies to get the energy needed to operate the system. Most systems use 220 volts, which is double the voltage used on most household appliances. Making a mistake with the electrical wiring inside an AC could result in a serious electrical shock which could be potentially fatal. Faulty wiring or repairs could also cause a short that could knock out the home’s electric or even start a house fire. To avoid these problems, homeowners should rely on professionals to repair their AC systems.

High Pressure Toxic Gas

Air conditioning systems use a variety of chemicals to create a refrigerant which is used to make the cold temperatures needed to provide cool air to the home. These chemicals are suspended in a high pressure gas that could cause physical injury if improperly released. The refrigerant is also toxic to humans, and other animals, as well as having environmentally damaging properties. In fact, the release of refrigerants into the environment is against the law and could result in substantial fines. Due to the pressure, toxicity and environmental hazards that air conditioning systems present, systems should only be repaired by a trained professional.

Financial Savings

The primary reason that most people are tempted to work on their own AC system is to save money. However, in most cases it will cost less money over time to have an AC system professionally repaired. A professional repair technician will be able to quickly correct existing problems and spot sources of potential problems. In addition, an untrained person doing a repair could result in a mistake that could be very expensive to repair. Professional AC repair is often a requirement of system warranties, home warranties and insurance companies.