The Best Electronic Cigars of 2016


The greatest failure in every review of e-cigars is comparing smoldering tobacco to vaporized liquid. Smoking is smoking and vaping is vaping. E-cigars have come of age. It’s time to compare on their unique qualities, not how well they mimic tobacco products. This article reflects that reality.

Unless you won the lottery, chances are price is a consideration. While the old wisdom, “you get what you pay for” remains true; you don’t need a loan to buy a decent e-cigar.

E-cigars come in two basic formats, disposable and refillable. Typical initial cost for disposables is from $15 – $30, with discounts for quantity.

At the high end of price points is the Veppo. It’s a quality vape, eight flavor choices and four nicotine levels. To soften the price blow, the Veppo has an 1800 puff life.

The Apollo is on the lower end of price. The most common reason for lower price is the battery life and flavor variety.
With the Apollo you still get a reasonable life with 1,500 puffs. Not as many as the Veppo, but more than other low-price e-cigars.

The Apollo is also limited to a single flavor, Cuban, and a single (18mg) nicotine level. Since this is the most popular combination, most will find it an acceptable trade for a low price.

Disposables are good for people who don’t want the mess and fuss of refillables or don’t want to commit to something long-term. Both the Apollo and the Veppo will satisfy beginners and experienced vapers.

The next step up is rechargeable e-cigars with replaceable cartridges. They look the same as disposable except the upper section is a replaceable cartridge and the battery plugs into a USB charger.

The Magnificio by Raze is a versatile choice.The 1200MaH battery gives you approximately 2,000 draws between charges. The weight and balance feels right and the draw is easy.

The business end of these cigars is the cartridge. If you’re experimenting with flavors or decreasing dependence on nicotine, the more options, the better. Magnificio offers five flavors, three nicotine levels and flavor only with zero nicotine. Nothing cures a tired, taste-blind palate like switching flavors instantly.

Cigar aficionados often declare a fine cigar is not the result of the tobacco, it’s the skill of the person hand rolling it. One company in the world makes e-cigars, and nothing else, Antonio Villard.

Antonio Villard’s are a cut above in manufacturing quality. The weight, feel and balance leave even the most hard-core critic smiling. The draw is smooth, easy and with an intense volume of vapor from each drag.

Unlike many companies who cast a wide net to appeal to the largest demographic possible, Antonio Villard aims at the high-end cigar aficionado. If your aim is to impress the club crowd with bizarre flavors, this e-cigar isn’t for you. If you enjoy the cigar experience, you’ll probably be impressed.