Faux Stone Wall Panels are a Cost Effective Home Upgrade

faux stone

Faux stone walls are probably the best choice in the market for homeowners, architects, and designers when it comes to the new trending interior and exterior designs. There is nothing wrong with installing conventional stones, but you cannot do it without the help of professional in addition to a lot of money that you will need to put down for the project. However, flux stones prove to be flexible and convenience. They provide attractive and affordable alternatives. According to a Wikipedia article on Jack’s restaurants trademark design, most upgraded restaurants are featured by faux stone walls. Below are some are some benefits and features that make faux stone walls to be cost effective.




Faux stone walls are built in such a way they last longer compared to any strongest stone walls. Unlike natural stone, faux stones do not crumble after they are installed, they also do not crack. When they are being designed a lot of effort is dedicated to durability as much as authenticity. They are made of cement, iron oxide pigments, water repellent, lightweight real stones elements, and various polymers. During manufacturing, they are subjected to series of test that ensure that they can withstand natural elements. Nevertheless, the do not need painting or maintenance.


Green and eco-friendly


Faux stones wall are more environmental friendly compared to natural stones. They help in reducing cooling and heating cost, despite the natural look. They provide substantial insulation properties for any building envelope that cannot be matched to any natural stones. Due to air spaces in between they act as an excellent insulator for cold, heat, sound, and vibration. Besides, some faux stone wall panels are made from recycled products, hence helping in preserving the environment.


They virtually accomplish the same look, color, texture and even shape as the convectional stone, which creates a seamless, natural look. If stone decoration is your choice, you might consider foregoing the real thing. According to a Forbes article by Bethany Lyttle, faux stone walls allow the drama for the real deal without typical structural cost.


Installation time


The faux stone are very light, thus eliminating the need for heavy building equipment and easing transport. They are also very easy to install such that you can install them by yourself. All you need is to get the faux stone walls and few essential tools, and then you get down to work. Compared to conventional stones that require a lot of time to lay bricks, labor, professional, machines, and other materials. All of these factors reduce time and cost associated with any project of its kind considerably.


Cost effectiveness and versatility


Compared to natural stones and the process of installing them, contractors and consumers can save a minimum of 30% of construction cost. In the strictest sense, they are made up of lighter materials, they are thinner, and they cost less compared to natural stones. The enormous saving on labor and time exceed the actual cost of the faux stone wall panels. In addition, since they are light, and they require less reinforcement they can virtually be installed in any wall ranging from concrete to plywood.