Fashion Trends: What to Expect in 2016

ruffled skirt

With Spring/Summer fashion waiting in the wings ready to make a grand entrance, now is the perfect time to take a look at the trendy styles expected to win rave reviews in 2016. There’s a dizzying array of new designs vying for your attention this year, but a few key looks have already emerged as front runners. Here are the standout trends style-watchers are predicting will be runaway hits in 2016.

The Lingerie Look

Noting the number of celebrities jaunting about town in pajamas, bathrobes and slinky slips, the fashion experts at New York Times cite the underwear-as-outerwear look as one of 2016’s strongest trends. Slip dresses inspired by the 1990’s play starring roles in lingerie-influenced attire, but you’ll find body-hugging chemises, camisoles and lacy bras designed for street wear too. The secret to pulling off the bedroom look in style lies in finishing off the outfit with sophisticated accessories.

The World Traveler

As the fashion editors at Forbes note, fashionable attire with an international flair is on-trend for 2016. Whether it’s a chic top covered with Indian mirror work, a skirt sporting a sub-Saharan print or a summer dress embroidered with tropical flowers, you’ll find style influences from all over the globe. The trendy look is characterized by a bright mix of colors, patterns and embellishments like macramé, fringe or hand-sewn appliqués.

The Year of the Ruffle

When it comes to trendy trims for 2016, ruffles win the prize, hands down. From dresses layered in delicate rows of the gathered material to flamenco-style skirts cascading with flowing waves, ruffles headline the list of trendy embellishments for the upcoming year. The most attention-grabbing variation is the new oversized ruffle, which is particularly striking when crafted in unexpected materials like leather. At the other end of the spectrum are a broad assortment of soft and feminine ruffle-neck blouses and dresses.

Off the Shoulder

The skin-baring style you’re most likely to see for 2016 are dresses and tops with bare shoulders. The look is being offered in a wide range of cuts and designs, from sleek strapless evening gowns to casual halter tops. Trending strong are peasant blouses and frocks with elastic-seamed necklines that let you decide how much skin you want to show. Whether you bare one or both shoulders, the gathered neckline is particularly charming when paired with a trendy ruffled skirt.

Lovely Layers

Fashion is definitely trending towards romantic, feminine styles in 2016, which may explain the profusion of softly layered looks hitting the stores. Crafted in lightweight materials like lace, chiffon and nylon mesh, light layers let you enjoy the flirty look in all kinds of weather. Stylish sheer undershirts make it easy to add visual interest to dresses and tops, and they work as edgy outwear when worn over trendy bras, camisoles or bodysuits too.

One of the best aspects of the 2016 trends is that most will work beautifully with items you likely already own, offering you a fun and creative way to star in your own fashion show without busting your budget.