Commercial Cleaning: 5 Reasons Your Office Needs to Be Clean

One: To Meet Local Health Code Regulations

Commercial properties, including offices must maintain a certain level of cleanliness in order to pass local health code regulations. Offices are often visited by clients and customers rather than only employees, and when a professional environment is dirty, it affects the business’s reputation. A kitchen, break room and bathrooms are some of the most important areas that are inspected by health code regulation enforcers, and if they find evidence of cockroaches or mice, then a business owner must correct violations within a few days.

Two: To Destroy Pathogens on Surfaces

Frequent cleaning of surfaces in commercial properties is designed to destroy pathogens that can lead to serious illnesses. Surfaces that tend to have pathogens are fixtures in bathrooms and doorknobs, but many other objects are contaminated by airborne viruses or bacteria. During influenza season, experts suggest that business owners clean more often to get rid of germs that are on computer keyboards and furniture that employees touch after coughing and sneezing on their hands.

Three: To Ensure a Business is Welcoming

Potential customers entering a real estate office to hire an agent to help them find a home are going to leave quickly when an entranceway has overflowing wastebaskets and filthy floor tile. A dirty office gives customers an impression that the business doesn’t care and will also not take time to give great service to them. In many cases, a client walking through an office for the first time will notice stains that a business owner has become accustomed to seeing. A professional office cleaning staff can help to give a business a good first impression with its customers.

Four: To Help Materials Last Longer

Many business managers spend a lot of money on decorating an office with luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting, high-quality wallpaper and designer furniture but forget to maintain the materials with frequent cleaning. When debris remains on carpet, it causes the fibers to degrade and fade. Furniture covered with beverage and food stains will require refinishing in only a few years. Wallpaper with splashes of dirt will begin to fall apart and require replacing. It is essential to clean all of these items on a routine basis in order to protect an office’s decor.

Five: To Eliminate Foul Odors

Regular office cleaning can help to prevent bad odors that develop from spilled food, filthy restrooms and dirty wastebaskets. When professional technicians clean offices, they understand how to eliminate odors on surfaces by using industrial-strength deodorizers that will get rid of mildew and mold. Office managers can request that cleaning staff sanitize refrigerators, wastebaskets and bathroom fixtures to ensure that there are no foul odors emanating from surfaces.