7 Great Landscaping Ideas For Your New Home


Landscaping is an extremely important part of a home’s appeal. According to Bankrate, great landscaping is one of the keys to increasing a home’s value. It is one of the things a person notices first. If you want to impress guests, neighbors and family members, certainly try to create attractive and exciting landscaping. Below are seven ideas you should give a try.

1. Plant Flowers Next to the Street

Most people stick to planting their flower beds back next to the house. While that is a good idea, also consider adding some next to the division between your front yard and the street. Also consider adding a fence with the flowers. It can create the illusion of your front yard being larger than it actually is and add some really attractive curb appeal.

2. Plant Vines

Vines are an excellent choice if you want to use plant life to give your home serious atmosphere. Rambling vines like Clementis naturally wrap around structures and climb up walls to produce a lovely sight that no artist or designer could recreate with synthetic materials. In addition to being a vine, Clementis also grow red, white, purple or pink flowers.

3. Plant near Your Driveway

The driveway to your new home also makes a great location to do some planting. One excellent idea is to add hedges along both sides. This can make driving up the driveway to your garage a more visually exciting experience. Roses, perennials and annuals are also excellent choices for planting along your driveway. You could also combine all four of these plants to create a true treat for the eyes.

4. Add Some Trees

If your new home is barren of trees, you should certainly amend that omission to your landscaping by planting your own. There are many great choices to choose from that can give your home a certain feel based upon the trees you plant. Pines can give your home a true woodsy feel. Alternatively, you could choose weeping trees with downward hanging branches for some old-fashioned southern charm.

5. Use Boulders

While we have mainly discussed plant life so far, you shouldn’t limit your landscaping choices to plants alone. Stones and rocks are excellent choices. Consider buying a few smaller sized boulders to use to accent your yard. They can really stick out as a design element.

6. Build a Walkway

Your driveway doesn’t have to be the only walking path to your home. Instead, you can use one idea suggested by Forbes, adding your own walkway to create a fun and whimsical touch to your front yard. While you can spend a lot of money to lay concrete to accomplish this, you don’t have to go that far. Some stone slabs can work just as well and be moved later if you wish.

7. Add a Bird Bath

Visit your local antique shops to find an authentic vintage bird bath. If you fill it water, it can indeed attract many species of bird to your yard for a drink and bath.