6 Creative Marketing Ideas for Building a Business Brand


Building a business brand is difficult with stiff competition and limited resources, so companies should consider the following six creative marketing ideas to build recognition and awareness of their brand.

Utilize Social Media
All companies know that social media is an excellent way to promote a business, but not all companies take full advantage of the power of daily digital content updates. For example, Facebook is geared towards engaging consumers with meaningful content, but Twitter is better for short and sweet promotional messages. Thus, a company can actually send out fun and entertaining tweets every day. This is a great way to build brand popularity and likability.

Customer Service Hotline
Almost every company still has a functional customer service hotline, but reaching a human being is notoriously hard. Therefore, companies should provide a direct customer service hotline on their website and social media platform. While this may involve additional customer service costs, it is also a great marketing tool. On the other hand, an easy way to increase negative brand opinions is through having a customer service line with complex options that lead to recorded messages.

Personalized Cards
A great way to add a personal touch is to send a printed card to consumers. For example, the company could send a personalized card to customers on their birthday or as a simple thank you card with enclosed discount. Businesses on a budget will be able to get away with personalized e-cards. In order to avoid the appearance of spam, the card should contain useful information and an appealing coupon or reward.

Interactive Web Experiences
Many businesses primarily engage their customers through online platforms, such as their website. Therefore, companies should spice up their website with unexpected, yet entertaining features. For instance, a company could add a daily trivia question with digital rewards for those who correctly answer. On the other hand, an interactive login that has funny popup images will be appreciated by visitors. There are many insignificant, but inspiring ways that a company can reach out to their consumers to put a smile on their faces.

Personalized Transparency
Many times, consumers feel that companies are too distant and faceless. Accordingly, companies should consider increasing the personalization and transparency of their online and physical business. To illustrate, some companies like to display pictures of all their employees in the corporate office. While the limited accessibility protects the privacy of employees, it also creates a family like atmosphere for visitors. This is a step above merely displaying pictures of management or high performing employees in public, like many fast food chains do.

Avoid Imitation
It is tempting and easy to simply imitate what competitors are doing. However, these same competitors may also be simultaneously imitating the other business. Therefore, avoid mimicking the competition or big name brands. Instead, focus on creating a distinctive brand identity. Bear in mind that there is a progressive consumer trend towards supporting independent businesses. Consequently, companies can take advantage of consumers dislike for faceless corporations and big business chains through product originality and authentic customer service experiences.

Overall, there are excellent creative marketing techniques that will help a business promote their brand, such as social media, adding a personalized touch and being unique.