5 Savvy Ways to Get the Style You Want

What is your personal style? Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a fashion rut, or that your clothes don’t compliment your personality? Do you dream about having an effortless style that showcases who you really are? Follow these tips to get the style you want:

1.Embrace yourself
You are the true arbiter of your style, and it’s the first impression you make on the people you meet, so present yourself authentically! Take stock: look at yourself, examine your inherent style and what aspect of it you want to present, and learn how to complement your body type without sacrificing your individuality.

Look through fashion magazines, web sources like Polyvore, Tumblr and independent fashion blogs, and take note of the styles that interest you. When you’re browsing on the web and see a striking look, take advantage of that “pin it” button and add it to your Pinterest page. You’ll soon be able to see the patterns and similarities of the looks that inspire you and can start building your style from there. The next step is to start searching for outfits and accessories that complement and bring out the goddess in you!

3.Bargain hunt
Forget the musty thrift stores of your youth! From upscale consignment stores to estate sales to discount stores, you can find one-of-a-kind items in unexpected places. Shopping second-hand is also a great way to discover unique jewelry, accessories, and designer outfits at a fraction of their original cost, often in mint condition.

4.Arrange a clothing swap
Style is such a personal expression, but sometimes we need to change up our foundations. Round up your family, neighbors, and friends (or branch out and make new ones by arranging an event on a social site like meetup.com) for an afternoon of fun and fashion. Have everyone bring at least one item in good condition and let the trading begin; it’s an awesome, free way of adding variety to your wardrobe.

5.Choose quality and versatility over trendiness
Use accessories to satisfy your need to keep up with trends or allow yourself purchases of one or two items per season from a low cost retailer. An article from Forbes explains how a simple, classic wardrobe based on durable timeless pieces lets your own style shine through. And for tips on how to create that chic wardrobe check out these excellent ideas from The Cut .

Like Rome, a great wardrobe isn’t built in a day; it takes time for style to be cultivated. Its ultimate purpose is to reflect you in all your dimensions, so remember to allow room for personal growth and evolution as you make your journey towards becoming your signature self.