5 Hunting Accessories for Winter Hunts

heated hunting vest

If you’re a hunter, you may dread the late season like me. Remember the horrible cold snaps we’ve been facing in recent years? But the problem most hunters in the late season face is that they just aren’t prepared for the cold. It can in fact be one of the best times to hunt for that big buck as deer are all forced to move due to the cold weather. We don’t want you to be stuck indoors on a perfect winter day because you don’t have a few simple, key accessories to keep you going through the late season winter hunts. That big buck you’ve been dreaming about is out there, so get prepared with these:

  1. A sealing thermos. If you want to be warm, keep yourself warm from the inside out with a comforting hot beverage. Chicken broth, hot cocoa, coffee or tea all do the job. Get a thermos that you can sip from easily and preferably one handed. ¬†This will keep your drink so hot, you’ll need to be careful not to burn your mouth an hour later.
  2. A battery powered hand/body warmer. Don’t you love technology? These devices can be charged over and over again, and they can also charge your cell phone should you run out of juice when you’re out in the woods. Its primary purpose though is to warm up and provide you with much needed warmth. It works great in an inside shirt pocket or a fleece handwarmer.
  3. Heated insoles. The coldest part of almost everyone when the mercury is really dropping is usually their feet. It seems like even with thick socks and insulated boots you still get cold. A solution to that is to pump heat in through another source as you’re body loses its own heat. These insoles do just that, and they’re rechargeable. Just slip them in your boots and adjust the heat setting. No more heading in early because you can’t feel your feet.
  4. A heated vest. This one will cost you the most on this list, but it’s worth every penny if you have a hard time staying warm. Think of an electric blanket wrapped around your core while you’re out in the woods. Sounds great doesn’t it? This will keep your core warm and help circulate warmer blood throughout your whole body. You’ll be so cozy, you’ll be wanting a nap.
  5. A thick, dense seat pad. You lose a lot of body heat if you’re sitting on an inferior, light, thin pad, and you’re probably not that comfortable either. Why not spend a few bucks to be more comfortable as your sit in your stand for hours?