3 Killer Ideas to jazz up your Storefront Windows


Store front windows have an interesting job: they are meant to bring in the customers and intrigue them into checking out the rest of the store. If they check out the rest of the store, they often leave with merchandise that they originally didn’t plan on buying when they saw the window.

For an out of the ordinary shoe store front window, take inspiration from the local county fair. This can easily be accomplished with steel struts constructed into a Ferris wheel. Instead of seats, put platforms on the wheel and place a pair of shoes on each platform. Show off the best of your selection here.

For a more romantic approach, take inspiration from the candy. Candy hearts, that is. This is a great idea for around Valentine’s Day or if the store sells anniversary gifts. Styrofoam or thick colored cardboard works well for this. Though they are a little tacky, they are worth making. Whether you want to promote a new product or offer a discount store wide, you can use the candy hearts.

If that won’t work, play with the lighting in the store window. If you play with a spotlight on a particular dress or pair of shoes or particular product that needs to be sold, this could be a fun way to show it off. Lights would be better placed to the sides of the window display, instead of at the top. Shadows that create a dramatic lighting should be considered if you want to figure out what to do.

Play around with the sizes, lights, etc. If a large mannequin is to one side, don’t put another large mannequin on the other side. If one dress is light, put a dark one in as well or add dark accessories. Creating a balanced look is certainly a key. If colorful items are at the top of the display, it’ll create a fun, perky look. Pretend you have to make sure that a scale has been balanced. A small item on one side does not make up for the large item on the other.

Don’t forget to be bold. Colors, shapes, props, lighting, etc. should be considered to help you create a bolder display. If your shop is the only shop on the street with a large mushroom that models a best selling hat, chances are people will stop and look. The same goes for a display with a unicorn and acrobat. The more out of the box you think, the bolder the display will be, and the more likely your store will have more foot traffic.

One overarching theme to all displays, however, is that they tell some sort of idea with things instead of words. If it’s Christmas time, plenty stores will have Christmas trees. How many will have a sugarplum fairy dance set up? In the immediate area, it’s likely that not many will have that. For Valentine’s Day, think narrower than simply love.

Any store front window can have a mannequin. Not all displays can show the passion of a fun night out.